South Africa Golf Tours

Golf Tours South Africa

Golf tours South Africa is a unique blend of nature, wildlife and the great game of golf. It is a unique experience that is hard to explain but will be one of your greatest memories if you are someone who enjoys this magnificent game. There is a special feeling when on a golf tour in South Africa and you are standing on the first tee of one of the top golf courses in South Africa with a light breeze blowing the fresh morning air across the beautiful green fairways, with birds calling from the trees and the smell of fresh cut grass right before you tee up for that first big hit down the middle of the fairway.

It is a feeling of happiness and freedom, a feeling that needs to be experienced to be understood. Golf tours South Africa will give you a unique experience that you will not find anywhere else in the word. From playing some of the top rated golf courses in South Africa to playing a round of golf in Kruger National Park, these are golf tours that will be extremely enjoyable and also memorable to anyone with a love for the game of golf.

We specialize in golf tours South Africa and have selected the best golf courses throughout South Africa and our surrounding countries to make sure that any golf tour that you book with Ultimate Golfing In Africa will be a memorable experience.

Ultimate Golfing In Africa

Ultimate Golfing in Africa is a South African based golf tour operator arranging and conducting private top quality tailor-made (F.I.T – Fit Individual Traveler) and group golf tours / holidays in South Africa since 1996. We offer you “peace of mind” by you having one expert point of contact to organizing your entire golf holiday at a better rate than booking directly with the hotels, golf courses, car rental companies, game reserves, etc.

With our vast knowledge of the country and its top golf courses, years of experience in the industry and our love for this great game, we ensure that you will enjoy the perfect golf tour / holiday in South Africa. In addition or even in conjunction to our South Africa golf tours / holidays, we also arrange sightseeing & photographic tours / holidays throughout southern Africa – South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Swaziland & Lesotho.

We have designed various golf packages of the most popular golfing destinations in the country that include only the best golf courses. These packages can be “mixed and matched” to suit the individual or group, guaranteeing that you experience only the best golf tour / holiday that South Africa and the other southern African countries have to offer and all of this at our highly discounted tour operator rates.

We will save you time, money and unnecessary hassle.

Golf Tours to South Africa

A golf tour is planned around the element of golf to incorporate the game of golf in a well designed and enjoyable scenic tour. A golf tour can be enjoyed by individuals, couples and groups. As experts in the industry we specialize in conducting tailor made golf tours throughout South Africa and Southern Africa.

Your South Africa golf tour can be selected and built to your liking, including number of days, accommodation type and on selected tours, Self-drive or Guided. We have a vast knowledge of the best golf courses around Southern Africa ensuring that you will enjoy top golf courses in some of the most breathtaking locations throughout the country. You can expect the trip of a lifetime.

Tee Times

The tee time is a booking at a golf course that indicates the time that you will start your round of golf. If your tee time is 11:05 a.m. a person of your group should be hitting the 1st tee shot of the round at that time.

Not all courses require golf players to book a tee off time, however most do and you should confirm the course regulations beforehand. Still some don’t make use of golf tee times by any means. Therefore when you would like to play a golf course, it’s important to phone beforehand and inquire in relation to its golf tee off time regulations. With this said, when booking a South Africa golf tour with us “Ultimate Golfing In Africa” we handle all tee times and arrangements on your behalf.

What is considered the objective of a tee off time? To help manage golfers around the course and to try to sustain a flow regarding golfers around the golf course. Tee times are usually around 8 – 15 minutes apart.

Most golf courses accepts tee off times well in advance via bookings but bookings are accepted on short notice if tee off times are available. With this said it should be taken into consideration that some courses are booked out months in advance.

Some courses do accept online tee off time bookings and websites like “play more golf” can be used online where applicable.


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