Golf Tours South Africa

A South African Golf Tour

A South Africa golf tour is one of those things in life that should be on everyone’s bucket list. A golf tour to South Africa is like no where else in the world. The combination of all the different types of golf courses available, the natural beauty of South Africa, the unique climate and of course the wildlife that you might be likely to bump into from time to time on some golf courses across the country.

The Different Golf Courses Throughout South Africa

The unique landscapes and layouts throughout South Africa makes for a range of different types of golf courses and therefore different experiences when playing on various courses throughout South Africa while on your South Africa golf tour. The majority of golf courses throughout South Africa would be Parklands Style golf courses but Links courses are also common sights around the country especially when close to the coast line.

What To Expect While On A South African Golf Tour

This is a very good question and the best answer would probably be to expect the unexpected. In South Africa you will experience things that you will not experience anywhere else in the world. One example is the insane 19th hole Par 3 on the Legends Golf Course in Limpopo Province. A Par 3 that is so unique that you are air lifted to the tee box in a helicopter. This is the highest and longest par 3 in the world at over 400 meters in distance and the golf ball taking almost 30 seconds to reach the ground. The other unique point of this hole is that the green is in the shape of Africa. This is a perfect example of the uniqueness of a South African golf holiday and one of our highly recommended courses when doing a golf tour to South Africa.

Another place to look at the unique experiences and expectations of a South African golf tour is the Skukuza golf course in the world famous Kruger National Park. Where else in the world do you arrive at a golf course early in the morning and a field guide goes around the course to make sure that there are no lions, leopards or other dangerous animals on the course. As the Kruger National Park is home to hundreds of species of animals and also home to the Big 5 and the Greater 7, this means that dangerous animal are frequently come upon but under normal circumstances you are in the safety of a vehicle but walking on the fairways of a unfenced golf course in the heart of the Kruger National Park is a experience on a whole other level.

This was only mentioning two of the hundreds of breath taking golf courses throughout South Africa. This absolute unique country is also know as “A world in one country” and it is as fitting as could be. South Africa is a unique experience and every day in this fabulous country will be different and exiting in its own way.

A South Africa golf tour with Ultimate Golfing In Africa will always be a unforgettable trip and one that will always be treasured and appreciated.

South Africa Based Golf Tour Operators

We are South Africa based tour operators who have been arranging and conducting private escorted tours, as well as self-drive tours and top quality luxury golf safaris since 1996. But, unfortunately due to the overwhelming popularity of our private escorted tours / safaris and self-drive tours we did not have the time to concentrate on our original passion, which was the golf safaris. Not until our son David Marks, decided to join the business in 2013 and re-start our dedicated golf tours to South Africa. With a combination of youth, our experience, our love for this great game, the vast knowledge we have of South Africa and our neighboring countries we decided to once again developed fantastic golf tours / safari packages that include all the region’s top golf courses. We offer escorted golf tours and group golfing holidays (guided) with professional accredited South African tourist guides who are also keen golfers, tailor-made golf tours (F.I.T – Fit Individual Traveler) and self-drive golf tours.


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